Dedicated aluminum system for the most advanced MIG and synergic Pulsed MIG performance.


Ultra portable and versatile. The slim ergonomic design of the XR-Aluma-Pro torch allows access into the tightest of quarters. Coupled with the XR-AlumaFeed feeder and the AlumaPower 350 MPa or 450 MPa synergic power supply, it has the features

for all of your aluminum fabrication needs.


Synergic pulsed welding mode offers the simplicity of single-knob control. The machine will select the correct pulse power based on the wire feed speed (WFS) set by the operator.


Profile Pulse™. Achieve “stacked dime” weld bead appearance without back-stepping.


Parameter and system locks provide three levels of protection to prevent accidental modification of welding parameters or manipulation of setup menu items.


AlumaFeed synergic aluminum welding system with AlumaPower 450 MPa and XR-Aluma-Pro gun shown.


Synchronized, true push-pull wire feed system. Slave/torque motor ensures smooth, consistent feeding and improved arc performance, while reducing the problems normally associated with feeding aluminum.



    Industries Interests Aerospace
    Boat / Yacht
    Auto Repair
    Commercial Truck and Trailer
    Weldable Metals Aluminum
    Input Voltage 220/230/240 V 
    460/480 V 
    575 V 
    Input Phase 3-Phase
    Input Hz 60 Hz
    Current Type DC
    Rated Output 10-38 V, 15-600 A 
    10-38 V,15-600 A 
    Max Open Circuit Voltage 90 VDC
    Portability Handle(s)
    Running Gear / Cart (Optional)
    Weld Output CC / CV
    Net Width 14.5 in
    Net Height 17.25 in
    Net Length 27.125 in
    Net Weight 122 lbs
    Warranty 3 Years 


    AlumaPower™ 450 MPa MIG Welder 230/460V 3-Phase

    SKU: 907483




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