Low temperature oxygen compatible solution for detection of leaks in compressed air and gas systems. Clear free flowing liquid with no objectionable odor. For regular temperature applications (down to +27F / 3C) use CANTESCO FORMULA 300, request 300-TECH for additional information.


Product does not contain mineral oil, vegetable oil, animal oil or fats; any material that will ignite or explode when in contact with liquid or gaseous oxygen; materials that will act as primary skin irritants, skin sensitizers or produce any other dermatosis; ketones, aldehydes, and alcohols as components in the formulation.


-65°F TO 200°F (-54°C TO 93°C)


Ready to use format available in 8 oz bottles with 12" extension tube in each bottle, 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon drums.


1 gallon jug / 4 jugs per box



Foreign Matter Clear & free from suspended matter/sediment MIL-PRF-25567E (sec
Odor No objectionable odor ASTM D1292
pH 7.0 (+/-0.5) neutral range MIL-PRF-25567E (sec
Nonflammability Non flammable ASTM D92
Leak Detection Immediate foaming MIL-PRF-25567E (sec
Foaming Ability Initial > 145.0 mm
Final > 130.0 mm
ASTM D1173
Freezing Point -65°F ASTM D1177
Residue Less than 0.50 percent by weight MIL-PRF-25567E (sec
Corrosion No corrosion on test panels MIL-PRF-25567E (sec
Compatibility with Oxygen Compatible MIL-PRF-25567E (sec
Mold Growth Does not support mold growth MIL-PRF-25567E (sec
Sulphur < 000.60 ug/gram ASTM D-129 / D-516 (B)
Fluoride < 000.70 ug/gram ASTM D-808 / D-1179 (B)
Chloride < 140.00 ug/gram ASTM D-808 / D-512 (C)
Stress Crack Corrosion on Brass Alloys No Stress Crack Corrosion ASTM G186


Shelf life for this product is five years from date of manufacture. When the container is opened, recommended shelf life is only two years. Lot number is in human readable form (YYYYMM####), with the last four digits being the batch number within a given month.


Kemper System is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 registered company.


CANTESCO® Formula 365 Low Temp 365-1G Oxygen Compatible (4)

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