Aerosol size C901N-A is a blend of non-chlorinated petroleum hydrocarbon solvents. Product meets ASME section V halogen and chloride content requirements. Solvent cleaner for removal of red dye penetrants and developer powders. Suitable for use in preclearing parts prior to application of red dye penetrant, removal of penetrant after dwell time has elapsed and final cleaning after flaws have been analyzed and recorded.


Solvent based (naphtha) cleaner which meets the requirements of ASME section V halogen and chloride content. Results below are typical analysis for C901N-A:


TEST                RESULTS             METHOD

Sulphur             <1% by weight     ASTM D-129 / D-516 (B)

Fluoride             <1% by weight     ASTM D-808 / D-1179 (B)

Chloride            <1% by weight     ASTM D-808 / D-512 (B)

Total Halogen    <1% by weight     AMSE T-641


Ready to use format available in aerosol cans.


16 oz aerosol can / 12 cans per box


Shelf life for this product is currently three years from date of manufacture. Lot number is in human readable form (YYYYMM####), with the last four digits being the batch number within a given month.


Kemper System is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 registered company.


CANTESCO® Solvent Cleaner C901N-A Nuclear 16oz Aerosol (12)

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