Red dye, solvent removable penetrant indicates surface flaws against white developer powder background. No chlorinated solvents, meets ASME section V halogen and chloride content requirements.


Petroleum hydrocarbon solvent based red dye penetrant. Results below are typical analysis for P101S-A:


TEST                RESULTS             METHOD

Sulphur             <1% by weight     ASTM D-129 / D-516 (B)

Fluoride             <1% by weight     ASTM D-808 / D-1179 (B)

Chloride            <1% by weight     ASTM D-808 / D-512 (B)

Total Halogen    <1% by weight     AMSE T-641


Ready to use format available in aerosol cans.


16 oz aerosol can / 12 cans per box


Shelf life for this product is currently three years from date of manufacture. Lot number is in human readable form (YYYYMM####), with the last four digits being the batch number within a given month.


Kemper System is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 registered company.


CANTESCO® Visible Dye Penetrant P101S-A Solvent Removable 16oz Aerosol (12)

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