The Bantam 145i is an intelligent inverter that automatically recognizes the input voltage and operates in 110 or 220V networks, even with fluctuations.


Ideal for the modern welder is a compact machine, extremely lightweight and can be carried anywhere, even in the trunk of your bike.


The Bantam 145i is an inverter for welding with coated electrodes up to 3.25mm in 220V and 2.5mm in 110V.



  • Can be used in home or industrial networks
  • Easy to use - ideal for all profiles of welders, from beginners to the most experienced
  • Excellent performance - stable welding and easy opening arc
  • HotStart function: Prevents the electrode from attaching to the welded part
  • Durable - overheating protections, drop and peak voltage prevent damage and keeps your Bantam 145i always at your disposal
  • Welding with various electrodes up to 3.25mm and in sheets up to 5mm (3/16 ")
  • Ready for use - clamp and electrode holder included
  • All this in only 4.8 kg


ESAB® Bantam® 145i Stick Welder 127/220V 1-Phase

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