The dryWIRE® Type 4 provides general purpose heated storage conditions. It has a wide range of uses, but is ideally suited and designed for flux cored wire storage. The oven can also be used to store a combination of flux cored wire and electrodes.


The compact square shape of the Type 4 makes it perfect for workshop installations, and its slightly curved interior shelving securely holds spools in place. Also featured is a thermostat mounted on the rear of the oven, allowing for chamber temperature control.


The rugged design and durability make dryWIRE® Type 4 ovens a long term investment to see you through multiple projects.


The dryWIRE® Type 4 oven keeps your flux cored wire moisture-free


  • Capacity of 4 spools of flux cored wire (12 in diameter) or 3 spools of flux cored wire (16 in diameter)
  • Ideally suited for preheating parts or general purpose storage
  • Thermostatic control
  • Standard thermometer provides immediate temperature indication



Voltage:  120/240 Volts - Single phase

Temperature:  100°F - 300°F Adjustable

Heating element:  1,000 watts

Thermostat:  Adjustable with indicator light

Thermometer:  Included digital thermometer

Insulation:  Fiberglass batt (2.00 inches)


Phoenix dryWIRE® Type 4 Flux Oven 3x16" Coils 4x12" Spools 120/240V

SKU: 1205438




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