Zirconia and Aluminum Oxide mixture. General purpose wheel. Zirconia grain allows for faster cutting and longer life.


For working on flat grinding surfaces. Most efficient when used between 0°–15° angle. The best choice for smooth finishing.


Recommended for ferrous metals: angle iron, iron/steel bar, metal decking & cable, pipe line, stainless steel sheets, stainless steel bars. May be used for high tensile steel & non-ferrous metals: aliminium alloys, copper, brass, bronze, titanium.



Size: 7 x 1/16 × 7/8 
Diameter: 7″ 
Thickness: 1/16″ 
Arbor Hole Size: 7/8″ 
Grit: 60 (Medium) 
Grade: S (Hard) 
Max Operating Speed: 8,500 RPM 
Material: Zirconia Aluminium Oxide 
Specification: ZA60-S 
Type: 27 – Depressed center flat wheel 
Use: Right angle grinder


Quickie Cut™ Thin Reinforced 7" x 1/16" x 7/8" Type 27 Cut-Off Wheel

SKU: 45008




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